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Threat Intelligence

Threat Intelligence


Retrieve indicators and Threat Intelligence data from the ThreatQuotient REST API. ThreatQuotient provides an enterprise threat intelligence platform (TIP).

Recorded Future

Integrate with the Recorded Future API to pull risklists, including support for domain, ip, hash and url entities. Recorded Future develops a threat intelligence platform for enterprise security.


Ingest threat intelligence indicators from MISP platform instances. MISP is an open-source threat intelligence platform used to collect and share threat intelligence and indicators of compromise (IOCs).


Ingest indicators from URL Haus, Malware Bazaar, and Threat Fox threat intelligence feeds.

AlienVault OTX

Ingest AlienVault OTX threat intelligence indicators. AlienVault OTX is an open threat data platform that allows security researchers and threat data producers to share research and investigate new threats.

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