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Matano For

API Security

Detect and respond to complex attacks and threats against APIs by building an API data lake with complete context from across your ecosystem. Threat hunt with subsecond search for API fraud and abuse use cases and use advanced analytics to detect slow and latent attacks.

Detection Engineering


Hunt the threats lurking in your API data

Matano lets you collect, retain and analyze all your API data and improve your API security by detecting threats from a single unified platform, with built in enrichment and correlation.

API Data Lake

Build an API security data lake - a central repository that captures and stores all the data about all of your API calls over time. Enrich with user, host, identity, and other contextual data for context aware API Security. Easily retain up to years of data to power threat hunting, forensics, and advanced analytics over long running complex attacks found in historical data.

Full API visibility

Leverage out of the box integrations with all your software and tools including API gateways, cloud providers, container environments, reverse proxies, CDNs, WAFs, as well as custom API traces and request logs.

Automatic continuous IoC matching

Automate detection using instant correlation of indicators of compromise (IoC) against up to years of security data with continuous and retroactive scanning. Integrated with out-of-the-box intelligence feeds and third-party & custom threat intelligence.

Advanced Threat Detection

Analyze your API behavior to proactively stop complex threats that other tools don't catch. Detect known and unknown API vulnerabilities, including the OWASP and API Top 10, and business logic abuse such as data scraping or data exfiltration.

API Detection and Response

Enhance your API security posture by enabling detection & response capabilities for your APIs.

Threat Hunting & Forensics

Retain large volumes of data in a unified data lake, enabling root cause analysis of attacks and other ad-hoc security analytics through advanced query capabilities over historical contextualized data. Threat hunt for API fraud and abuse and catch threats that other tools miss.

Streamline Automation and Response

Centralize your data and alerts in a single platform, enrich with threat intelligence and other sources, and integrate natively with the tools you use for security orchestration and automation.

Unified Platform

Modernize your security stack with a unified and open solution. Automatically correlate endpoint, network, cloud, identity and other data from across your ecosystem to precisely detect advanced threats and simplify investigations. Enable broad visibility and maximize existing investments in a unified solution that helps eliminate pivoting between tools.

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