Matano is revolutionizing cybersecurity analytics


Our security platform innovates on cost, speed, and scale with the first SIEM built natively on a data lake.

What we aim for

Our goal is to empower security professionals to defend their organizations by unburdening them of the inflexibility and performance issues of traditional SIEM.

Core Values


Petabyte-scale security analytics in the age of Big Data should be scalable and interactive. We combine large-scale analytical capabilities with rapid search all on a data lake.


Matano is built on open standards and lakehouse technologies. We place data firmly in the customer's hands without vendor lock-in and deeply integrate bidirectionally with data platforms, APIs, and other tools.


We help users achieve the massive advantages in centralizing normalized security data from their entire ecosystem in a unified data lake, from advanced analytics to deep context to simplified response.

Try the Cloud native SIEM built on a security data lake.