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Matano for Snowflake

Leverage Snowflake for security analytics. Eliminate data siloes and seamlessly unify your business and security data with zero ETL. Optionally use your existing Snowflake compute with Matano using Bring Your Own Snowflake.

Matano for Snowflake

Operationalize Snowflake for cybersecurity

Matano lets you put Snowflake to use for security analytics by ingesting, enriching, and normalizing all your security data into an open security data lake natively accessible from Snowflake, and providing a full featured threat detection and response platform. Optionally use Bring Your Own Snowflake to leverage your existing Snowflake warehouse compute, or use Matano managed compute. Always retain ownership of your data and have your business and security data unified with seamless zero-ETL data sharing.

Eliminate Data Siloes

Break down data siloes by unifying your security data with the rest of your business data. Due to Matano's Security Data Lake using open table format and lakehouse technology, your security data is always accessible from Snowflake with zero-ETL whether you Bring Your Own Snowflake or use Matano managed compute.

Bring Your Own Snowflake

Optionally Bring Your Own Snowflake to use your existing Snowflake warehouse for cybersecurity with a modular deployment model. Take advantage of transparent pricing and credits and pay Snowflake for only the compute resources you use.

Reduce costs

Reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) by storing your data in low cost object storage with unlimited retention. Optionally go further and use your existing Snowflake warehouse for compute inside Matano to transparently use existing cloud spend and credits.

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Security Data Lake

Petabyte scale analytics on a cloud-native Big Data architecture. Retain ownership of years of data in your cloud with true decoupled storage and compute and open integration with existing data platforms. Break down data siloes and leverage the data and machine learning tooling your organization already uses.