Modern Cloud Native SIEM

Reduce costs and help your existing team detect threats faster with Matano’s full-featured SIEM platform built on a security data lake.

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Unified Security Data Lake

Ingest and store all your security data into a scalable data lake. Matano automatically ingests data from all of your security and software products with hundreds of prebuilt integrations and parsers.

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Detect & Respond Faster

Get started with Matano’s 800+ out-of-the box correlation rules tuned to your environment to detect and remediate threats in realtime.

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Search Experience

Easily search data and build detection rules across your data lake using a intuitive search language compatible with Splunk SPL. Modernize your SOC without retraining your workforce.


Analyze and Store All Your Data

Matano is a revolutionary SIEM built on a security data lake designed for petabyte scale analytics.


reduction in total cost of ownership (TCO)

Cloud-native data lake scale on pure object storage with unlimited retention, and a predictable pricing model so you don’t have to compromise security visibility due to cost and scalability concerns.


pre-built parsers

Automatic integration with 1000+ data sources, normalized to a common schema (ECS) using pre-built parsers and enriched using context from threat intelligence feeds and the Security Graph.


detection rules

Over 800 out-of-the-box detection rules, spanning your entire environment from endpoint and network to cloud, including correlation rules detecting threats across multiple data sources.


Get a quick overview of the platform

Respond proactively to security alerts, leveraging the tools that your teams are familiar with

Collect all your logs into a scalable data lake

Matano helps you ingest and normalize unstructured security logs into Snowflake and AWS for blazing fast search and analytics. Your data is always stored in S3 for unlimited retention at petabyte scale. Leverage hundreds of pre built connectors to ETL data from common security sources like Cloud, SaaS, Host, Network, and Identity logs.

Search and detect using SPL compatible query language

Quickly search your data lake for IOC’s and pivot across hundreds of common fields using the Elastic Common Schema (ECS). Use Matano’s Splunk compatible search language to slice and dice data into charts and visualizations for interactive threat hunts.

Contextualized alerts in realtime

Matano automatically pulls threat intelligence and asset context into a security graph and combines it with the data lake to deliver high fidelity alerts and help you focus on the threats that matter.


Explore Latest Solutions

Discover solutions and usecases for Matano.


Security Data Lake

Petabyte scale analytics on a cloud-native Big Data architecture. Retain ownership of years of data with true decoupled storage and compute and open integration with existing data platforms. Break down data siloes and leverage the data tooling your organization already uses.


Unlock the full potential of your data

Matano comes with out of the box integrations with hundreds of data sources.

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Collect logs from AWS products. AWS is a public cloud vendor offering a suite of cloud computing services.

Try the Cloud native SIEM built on a security data lake.